Pete's Photos from Wallace Falls - 6.12.05

The weekend of June 12 I decided to go for a hike up Wallace Falls. You can actually see one (or more?) of the three falls sections from Route 2 in the valley below the falls. The trail is heavily traveled, and winds through rich moist forest full of ferns, moss, babbling brooks, and huge century-old tree stumps.

You are restricted to the trail anywhere near the falls by barricades - the only view of the falls is from the designated viewpoints. It's unfortunate there is no access to the falls from below - I think this would make a great contrast to the view from above. Overall the hike and scenery were nice, though a bit overused for my tastes.

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A plant with red berries near the trailhead. I don't have my tree books here so I'm not sure what this is.

Lots of these guys all over the ground near the trailhead

The brook along the trail to Wallace Falls

Moss-covered trees along the trail

More moss-covered underbrush

Ferns, moss, and logs dominate the forest floor

Fern-carpeted forest floor

Valley view from one of the three views

Close-up of some lush green forest-floor moss

One of the three Wallace Falls (I've lost track of which is which)

Upper half of one of the three Wallace Falls

Lower half of one of the three Wallace Falls
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