Rialto Beach & the Olympic Peninsula: 8.12 - 8.14.05

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Mukilteo - Clinton Ferry

Four Hour Keystone - Port Townsend Ferry Line

Wake-up View From My Car

Starting Out in the Rialto Beach Parking Lot

Two Sea Stacks

Sea Stacks Again

Tree - Topped Sea Stack

Hole In The Wall

Green Anemone in Tide Pool

Orange Starfish in Tide Pool

Anemones in Tide Pool

See Otter Cracking a Shellfish

VERY Long Seaweed 30+'

Low-tide-only Trail on the Sea Wall

Steel Buoy on the Beach

Chilean Memorial

North View of One of the Coves

Alien Bowling Ball

My Camp Cove

North Cove View

High Tide Cove Trail North

My Camp Cove Buoy Collection

Cooking Breakfast (Spam!)

Noisy Ground - Full of Moving Critters!

Water-fearing Beach Bugs

Beach Bugs Up Close

Small Beach Crab

Campsite Cove Panorama

Champion Western Red Cedar #1

Champion Western Red Cedar #2

World Champion Sitka Spruce (18.5' Diameter!)
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