Pete's Photos from the Olympic Peninsula Whirlwind Tour - 8.5.05 - 8.6.05

I left Redmond Friday 8/5 and spent the weekend circumnavigating the Olympic Peninsula. Unfortunately my plans for the weekend didn't quite work out as I'd hoped. I'd originally planned to spend the weekend hiking the Washington coast from La Push to Hole In The Wall (and further). I left Friday afternoon and took the Bainbridge Island ferry from Seattle, then drove straight through to the Hoh Rainforest to camp for the night. I almost hit a deer crossing the road just West of Crescent Lake.

Saturday morning I packed up camp and drove to the coast only to find that I'd miscalculated the tides - the timing was just the opposite of what I needed to hike the coast. So I regrouped and headed off to my backup hike on the Queets River. Unfortunately the road had washed out 5 miles from the trailhead, so no hiking there. On to my third choice - a rainforest hike on the Bogachiel River. I actually made it to the trailhead, began hiking in, and discovered there was a ban on open fires and a fee to camp in the backcountry - and I just decided to call it a weekend as the riverside campfire I'd planned for just wasn't going to happen.

I spent the rest of Saturday driving route 101 and stopping along the way to see the sights. By early evening I'd made my way south to Aberdeen, and decided to just drive back to Redmond for a good night's sleep in my bed and a relaxing Sunday planning for next weekend when I'll get back out to the coast for my camping trip.

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Seattle Skyline from the Bainbridge Island Ferry

Mount Rainier from the Bainbridge Island Ferry

My camp Friday night - next to the Hoh river

The Duncan Western Red Cedar

...Maybe the world's largest Western Red Cedar

...Pretty tall!

Sea stacks in the mist at Ruby Beach

Beach logs and sea stacks at Ruby Beach

An arch rock at Ruby Beach

Green rocks at Ruby Beach

Another arch at Ruby Beach
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