Pete's Photos from Mount Baker - 7.9.05

Saturday 7/9 I hiked up the Park Butte trail on the south side of Mount Baker in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. I planned the hike for Sunday, but when it sounded like the weather wasn't going to cooperate, I decided to hike on Saturday instead. I'd originally planned only to hike up to the Park Butte lookout, but when I arrive there, the view of the mountain and Easton glacier made me decide to try to get up to the glacier.

I spent lunch time in the lookout with two very nice young couples who'd just arrived and planned to spend the night in the lookout. I wish I'd gotten a photo of all of us together - I had a nice time with them eating lunch, talking, and enjoying the views.

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View looking up slightly west of Mount Baker's peak

View down the mountain toward the trail head

A small moutain lake below the trail to Park Butte

Beautiful yellow flowers bordering the trail and a view down to the valley

Me in front of the Park Butte fire tower

Looking out toward Mt. Baker from the Park Butte fire tower

Park Butte crest

Cloudy hike up Easton Glacier's western lateral moraine

A good view of Easton Glacier's towering western lateral moraine

Easton Glacier viewed from the moraine trail below it

Getting closer to Easton Glacier

Terminus ("Snout") of Easton Glacier as viewed from the morain trail

Close-up look at Easton Glacier's snout

A large boulder about to be dropped off Easton Glacier's snout

Easton Glacier's snout (I'm standing on ice! It's hard to tell with all that dirt and rock covering it)

First set of falls below Easton Glacier

Second set of falls below Easton Glacier

View of the Meltwater stream and valley cut by Easton Glacier
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