Pete's Photos from Evergreen Mountain - 7.3.05

The weekend of June 12 after my hike up Wallace Falls, I decided to drive around and explore. After stopping in to see the town of Index, I continued up into the mountains on Index-Galena Road to see what I'd find. The road eventually turned into a gravel forest service road that kept winding higher and higher until it ended only about 1200 feet below the peak of Evergreen Mountain! After talking to a hiker who'd just returned from the summit, I decided I'd have to come back to hike to the summit myself!

I finally made it back on Sunday, 7/3/05. When I arrived, I quickly realized I'd completely forgotten my bug spray. Fortunately, a couple who'd just reached the trailhead on their moutain bikes were happy to let me have some of theirs in exchange for taking their picture together :-)

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View looking West through the trees a few hundred feet below the summit

The Evergreen lookout from the trail just below the summit

Summit view down the mountain to the Southeast

Three peaks to the east (anyone know their names?)

Close-up of the three peaks to the east

View down the mountain to the northeast

View Southwest

View to the South

View of Glacier Peak. That black speck above glacier peak is a fly!

Closer shot of Glacier Peak Looks like I might have to head up there next!

View Southeast. This would be a great picture if I wasn't standing right in front of the beautiful valley below!

Mount Rainier off in the distance
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