Bear Creek Mountain: 7.18 - 7.19.05

Monday 7/18 I hiked up Trails 1129 and 1130 to the Bear Creek Mountain Lookout. The trail starts at "Section 3 Lake" which isn't much to look at. Starting out on trail 1129, the majority of the hike is easy - trails 1129 and 1130 are pretty much flat, crossing pretty flower-filled meadows and a few views up to the ridge and down toward the valley.

Trail 1130 crossed nine streams/seeps when I hiked it. The first three and the last two were flowing reasonably well - well enough to collect/filter water from. The closest to Bear Creek Mountain Lookout was just a ten minute walk from the trail 1130/1130A intersection, and was where I filtered water for my hike up to the lookout. There was very little snow anywhere along the trail, so I expect this hike is likely to become very dry real soon. There was no water anywhere along trail 1130A up to the lookout, so if you need water, the final stream is the place to get it.

I guess Monday isn't a very popular day for this hike - I saw no one else during my hike up or at the lookout. Once there, I set up my tent, cooked dinner on my stove, cleaned up some trash left by some previous inconsiderate lunchers, and watched the sunset. Woke again around 3 AM to an absolutely amazing view of the milky way clear across the sky, plus two shooting stars and a couple of satellites. By 3:30 the rising sun was already brightening up the northeast and dimming the milky way. At 5:30 the sunrise views of Mount Adams and Rainier were the finishing touch to an amazing stay.

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Beautiful view down toward the valley along one of the streams crossed by trail 1130

A marmot posing for me a third of the way up the final scramble to the lookout

My camp at the lookout

View of Mount Adams from the lookout

Sunset view of Mount Adams

Sunset view of Mount Rainier
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