Pete's Photos from Washington :-)

During the spring and summer of 2005, I spent almost 5 months in Washington state, just outside of Seattle. Once I got settled and started spending my weekends in the area, I tried to get out and see the more "outdoorsy" sights whenever I could (and when weather permitted). These pages contain some of my photos and stories from my hikes and outings in Washington state.

Some of the photos are "panoramic" and are very wide (e.g. Sahale Arm). To really appreciate them, you'll want to view them in "un-resized" mode. If IE resizes one of the wide composite photos, just put your cursor on the photo and hold it still for a few seconds - a "full size" icon will pop up in the lower right hand corner of the photo - click the icon, and the photo will re-draw itself full-size.

I'm not sure how to disable auto-resize in Firefox - when I figure it out I'll post instructions for that too.

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Miscellaneous Photos

Miscellaneous photos from my trips and hikes in the Seattle area
Wallace Falls

Photos from my hike at Wallace Falls
Evergreen Mountain

Photos from my hike to the Evergreen Mountain lookout
Mount Baker

Photos from my hike up the Park Butte trail and beyond at Mount Baker
Mount Adams

Photos from my hike on Mount Adams
Bear Creek Mountain

Photos from my hike up Bear Creek Mountain
Spectacle Lake

Photos from my hike to Spectacle Lake
Olympic Peninsula

Photos from my whirlwind tour of the Olympic Peninsula
Rialto Beach - Olympic Peninsula

Rialto Beach hike and camping photos
Sahale Arm & Glacier

Photos from my hike up Sahale Arm to Sahale Glacier
All photos and content copyright (c) Peter Chrisbacher, 2005